Tips On Defying Skin Aging

As we grow older, the skin ages too. But we can defy skin aging and retain our youthful complexions for a long time.

Signs Of Skin Aging:

Different people will see different signs of aging at different times in their lives. For a person who has entered the late 20s, the skin is generally in good condition but some signs of skin aging may appear. Depending on the individual’s lifestyle, some of these signs could include dry or rough skin, blotchy skin, dull and darkened skin or an uneven skin tone.

For a person in his or her late 20s or 30s, more signs of skin aging may appear. These could include loose skin, larger pores or even fine line as well as wrinkles.

For a person at 40s, deeper expression lines on the forehead and crow’s feet may appear on the skin. The skin may appear paler and less firm.

For a person at 50s and 60s, deep wrinkles and folds of skin may appear. The skin becomes more dry and rough. Age spots may also be visible.

Cause Of Skin Aging:

90% of the time Skin aging is due to the sun damage and 10% due to genetic factors. Intrinsic or biological aging is due to genetic factors. The intrinsic factors are the slowdown of skin turnover, decreases collagen and sebum production.

Extrinsic or photo aging is also known as sun-induced skin aging and therefore largely preventable. Sun damage is accumulated a little each time there is an exposure to the burning rays of the sun. The damage is not immediately noticeable. Often one is not aware of the amount of sun damage accumulated until much later, years later in fact.

Start Protecting Your Skin:

Your skin starts to age as you’re older! As sun damage is a primary cause of skin aging, it is never too early to start protecting your skin from the burning rays of the sun. So always apply sunscreen lotion on yourself and on your kids when you are traveling outside. Prevention is always better than cure!

If you love sun rays, then a good, strong sun cream is a must.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking is not only harmful to your health; it is also bad for your skin. It reduces blood flow to the skin and causes the skin to look dry and sallow. Smoking also encourages wrinkles to develop around the mouth as smokers pucker their mouth and “crow’s feet” around the eye due to squinting to avoid the smoke.

Few Other Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

  • Drink in moderation
  • Cut down on your caffeine consumption
  • Having a healthy life style
  • Exercise to improve your blood circulation
  • Reduce or manage the stress level in your life
  • Have sufficient sleep at each night
  • Finally, maintain a good skin care routine

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