Vital Factors That Cause You To Age Faster

Lack Of Sleep: Every human body requires sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night. Lack of sleep contributes to the aging factor to move at a faster pace. The reason being it decreases the body’s immunity levels and also causes a dip to your hormone levels. Lack of sleep results to emotional binging for unhealthy foods and above all increases your chances of heart attacks or strokes.

Too Much Of Sleep: Anything too much is always too bad. Likewise, the lack of sleep is one of the factors for aging; too much of sleep also results in the skin aging faster. 7-8 hours is the perfect time you should sleep every night to stay healthy and assists towards skin care as well.

Applying And Removing Contact Lenses: It has been well observed that putting on and off of contact lenses involves a lot of squeezing of your eyes and pulling of the skin in and around the eye region. Inserting of contact lenses is an easy procedure but at the time of insertion, you require to pull the skin and squeeze your eyes. On releasing the pressure, it causes the skin to sag.

Application Of Eyeliner: Again on the application of eyeliner, you need to stretch the skin around your eye region so that the application is done finely. The skin that is stretched leads to wrinkle formation which causes you to look older to your age.

Make Use Of The Right Foundation Cream: Transparency and peachy tones are products that you need to use at all times. This brings out the brightening effect in your skin. For an even based application, make use of a brush to apply the foundation onto the skin.

The above mentioned are the key factors that lead to quick aging. Spa Elixir Cream is one such anti aging product that helps you fight the signs of aging effectively. Use Spa Elixir Cream and enjoy looking youthful with a soft and a smooth skin.

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